Fake Ghee Seized in Gwalior, India


Gwalior, Sep. 22 (ANI) – Madhya Pradesh authorities have seized large quantities of fake ghee in Gwalior.

Acting on a tip-off, officials from the state administration raided the two dairies producing clarified butter. Samples have been collected for testing.

“A large amount of fake clarified butter was found abandoned along with some constituents, which is used to make fake oil. We seized them immediately. As we haven’t received any claimants, we are not proceeding with the investigations,” said Ved Prakash, Additional Collector, Gwalior.

“Yesterday, the clarified butter samples from the Chambal Diary were sent to the labs for tests. Investigations would be done once the report comes,” he added.

Almost 100 tins of vegetable oil and 600 tins of clarified butter worth 2 lakh rupees were seized. The tins of clarified butter had the labels and packaging materials with brand names of companies producing ghee. No arrests have been made so far.


Police Arrest Notorious Cheese Nibbler

Cheeses_Assorted_VarietyA notorious nibbling Newcastle housebreaker, who had the peculiar habit of stealing and eating cheese during the robberies, has been nabbed by the police.

Vusi Gumede, 27, of Ozisweni, was arrested by police last week after his fingerprints were found on a window pane at a home that had been broken into in the Newcastle area. Police Captain Shooz Magudulela said Gumede was then linked to 16 other cases of housebreaking.

He said that Gumede broke into houses between 7.30am and 5pm. Once he had broken into the house he would eat the cheese before taking the valuables. Police also arrested seven people who bought stolen goods from Gumede.