N.J. Ice Cream Man Accused of Stabbing Self, Blaming Rival


NEW JERSEY — Police say a nasty turf battle between two ice cream vendors in New Jersey went too far Wednesday. One of the vendors is accused of trying to frame his biggest rival by pretending he was attacked.

The incident happened in the town of Fair Lawn. This guy didn’t just make up some soft serve allegations, he went for a phony felony. And people who saw the two drivers going at it say they’re going to be satisfying their sweet tooth at a store this summer.+

It’s not unusual for kids to gravitate to the ice cream man, but when youngsters saw Nabil Abdallah behind the wheel of his truck, they didn’t exactly come running. “He seemed kind of dangerous,” a little girl said. The girl and her twin brother say they were more scared after the saw two cone-slingers fighting on the street.

“The guy was yelling at him because he was on the same street as him,” A.J. Shah said. “He was yelling, so the other guy started yelling back.”

But not satisfied with a yelling match, police say Abdallah whipped up a batch of lies, claiming the rival popsicle pusher slashed him with a box cutter, even going so far as to cut up his own arm to feign injury.

“He alleged in a 911 phone call to our headquarters that he was stabbed with a razor knife and the [attacker] fled the scene,” Fair Lawn police captain Anthony Serrao said. “After interviewing the victim, it had been determined that he made the story up.”

After being arraigned, the Abdallah’s son defended him.

Son: “They’re making it up.”
Nina: “He really was stabbed?
Son: “Whatever he says.”

But police allege otherwise, and don’t see any good humor in this ongoing dispute. “I think it’s now more personal than ice cream,” Serrao said. “I think they pass each other at some point … and gave each other the finger.”