Student Athlete Ate Cheesesteaks Purchased With Stolen ID Card

Big East Basketball Tournament - Cincinnati v Syracuse

Antonio ‘Scoop’ Jardine allowed his cousin to purchase more than $100 worth of food and drinks on a stolen Syracuse [University] student identification card, according to court documents.

The suspended freshman on the Syracuse [University] (SU) men’s basketball team helped his cousin, Robert Washington, carry the food into his apartment and later tried to cover his involvement up. Jardine did not eat any of the purchased food.Jardine will not be charged with a crime, police officials told The Post-Standard on Wednesday.

Washington, 40, of Philadelphia, was arraigned Tuesday in Syracuse City Court on felony charges of second-degree forgery and fourth-degree larceny and a misdemeanor count of third-degree identity theft.He was released on bail from the Justice Center in Syracuse on Wednesday, The Post-Standard reported.

First chief assistant District Attorney Domenic Trunfio declined to comment to The Daily Orange Wednesday, but he did say Jardine’s case has been turned over to university officials.

SU head coach Jim Boeheim said Sunday that Jardine, a starting shooting guard, was suspended indefinitely by the university for violating school policy, although he remains enrolled at Syracuse. Several inquiries to Syracuse’s Judicial Affairs office were not returned.

Since the announcement, Jardine has not practiced with the team and did not make the trip to Chicago for the Orange’s 60-55 win at DePaul Wednesday night. Boeheim did not address Jardine’s status in his postgame press conference.

The investigation began on Jan. 24. Washington admitted in a four-page written statement he ordered $115.65 worth of food from Goldstein Student Center Jan. 13 and had it delivered to Jardine’s apartment on Winding Ridge Road on South Campus.

Jardine was also present when the decision to use the stolen ID card was made, and his cell phone was used to order the food, according to the court documents. Washington signed the receipt, forging the name on the card.

‘Scoop and I knew this was wrong, but we didn’t think it was this serious,’ Washington said in his statement. ‘If we knew it was this serious we wouldn’t have done any of this.’

When the food – which included ‘Gatorade, juice, Philly cheese steak sandwiches and hamburgers’ – was delivered, Jardine helped carry it into his apartment.

Jardine’s role, however, was too minor to pursue prosecution.

Washington said he and two women first used the card Jan. 13 to buy breakfast at Goldstein on South Campus. One of the women had found the card at Denny’s Restaurant.

‘I ate a Philly cheese steak and juice,’ Washington said in the statement. ‘The girls ate Philly cheese steak, burgers and juice. Scoop didn’t eat or drink anything.’

The card belonged to Syracuse senior Amani Herron. Several calls to Herron were not returned.

According to the court documents, Washington took a bus from Philadelphia to visit Jardine on Jan. 9 and stayed at his apartment until Jan. 15. Washington then returned to Philadelphia and came back up to Syracuse eight days later but did not stay at Jardine’s apartment.

The Syracuse athletics department has its own discipline policy in addition to any punishment handed down by the university. Jardine’s fate will now likely be decided in a hearing before the university’s Judicial Review Board.

Jardine has started 10 games for Syracuse this season, averaging 5.2 points and 2.5 assists per game. He took over Eric Devendorf’s starting spot when the junior guard tore his ACL on Dec. 15.


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