Cousins’ Fight Over Jailhouse Cheese Sandwich Ends in Death

Miguel-C-Gamez_mugshot.400x800MANITOWOC — A fight between cousins over a cheese sandwich at the Manitowoc County Jail left one inmate dead and another charged with murder, according to a criminal complaint filed in the case.

Juan P. Jaimes, 19, died Nov. 18 as a result of injuries sustained in a Nov. 16 fight with his cousin, Miguel C. Gamez, 22, according to authorities. Gamez was charged this week in Manitowoc County Circuit Court with felony murder, and faces up to 27 years in prison if convicted.

According to the criminal complaint, Jaimes grabbed Gamez’s cheese sandwich at lunchtime in the jail on Nov. 16. When Gamez confronted Jaimes, the two started fighting. According to the criminal complaint, Gamez told investigators, “I picked him up and slammed him.”

“He hit his head hard on the floor,” Gamez said. “I hit him a couple of times (and) they pulled me off him.” Gamez told investigators he and Jaimes had no prior conflicts, the complaint says.

When corrections officers responded to the cell following the fight, they found Jaimes unresponsive to any stimuli, the complaint says. Jaimes was transported to Holy Family Memorial Medical Center, and then to St. Vincent Hospital in Green Bay, where he was pronounced brain dead and later died from the injuries. An autopsy shows Jaimes died of blunt force head trauma, according to the complaint.

Gamez is being held on $10,000 cash bail. He will appear in Manitowoc County Circuit Court on Monday, Dec. 3 when a preliminary hearing will be set.

Gamez was already being held on $100 cash bail for allegedly violating a domestic abuse order. Jaimes was serving a 21-month sentence for fleeing an officers and criminal trespass to dwelling, according to online court records.

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