$2.09 Cheeseburger in Her Pants Nets Woman a 5-Year Prison Term


A Cheeseburglar Has Learned It May Be Best To Ignore Those Hunger Pangs.

GLOUCESTER — A Gloucester Circuit Court judge on Tuesday sentenced Hilda Ann Taft to six months in prison. Her crime?

Stuffing a cheeseburger in her pants and trying to walk out of the Route 17 Little Sue convenience store in Wicomico back in February. The theft of a $2.09 cheeseburger is Taft’s fifth felony conviction. She also has 12 misdemeanor convictions.

“She’s at least consistent,” said Monique Donner, assistant commonwealth’s attorney. “Her behavior is the same over and over again.”

Shaw said it was hard to balance her lengthy criminal record with the object of the theft. He sentenced her to five years imprisonment before suspending all but six months. “I guess they got the cheeseburger back or got restitution?” Shaw said.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Hicks shook his head, drawing a quick reply from Shaw: “I won’t order restitution.”


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