Sweet-toothed Criminals Steal Cheesecake, Napkins & Forks


A young couple with an apparent weakness for cheesecake walked into Alaska Cheesecake about 4 p.m. a couple of weeks ago and swiped an entire cake, along with napkins and forks.

The case of the heisted dessert never was reported to police because Pat O’Donohue, owner of the store, didn’t want to bother them. “I know how busy they are,” O’Donohue said.

It was around Sept. 5, she said, and the couple came into the store while O’Donohue was taking care of a customer at the counter. She told them she would be right with them, but had to step in the back a moment.

After she left the front of the store, the young man nabbed the closest cheesecake, which happened to be coconut, and walked out of the store, leaving a trail of white flakes. The woman asked the customer to step aside, and grabbed some napkins and forks, said O’Donohue.

As the woman walked out the door, O’Donohue returned from the back, and the surprised customer told her he thought they had taken a cheesecake. “He ran out to find them,” she said. “It annoyed him he had stepped aside.”

O’Donohue said the pair couldn’t have been more than 20 years old, and both were on the short side. “He was tinier than me, and he was about 5-foot-7,” she said. “She hadn’t had a bath for a while. They were obviously in a bad way, coming down off something.”

O’Donohue said they looked gray to her, dressed in gray and dirty, and they looked like they’d been on the run for a couple of days.

“They obviously needed it more than me,” she said. “I’ve had people complain about the price before, but no one ever stole a cake.”

O’Donohue moved her shop north on the Parks Highway from its former location in front of Fred Meyer early last summer. “This is a different scene down here,” she said. “A mile and a half down the road and it’s a whole different crowd.”



Seattle Baristas Are Steamed Up Over Dairy “Thefts”

Hipster_Barista_8_Dollar_Latte_TipIf someone pays $2 for espresso, then fills half the cup with milk at the condiment bar, is that stealing?

People are saving $1 to $2 a cup — sometimes more, if they use half-and-half or get extra shots — with creative ordering from the complicated menus of the coffee world. While Starbucks is keeping mum on the do-it-yourself dairy phenomenon, its baristas are flaming customers online.

For some, it is a matter of attitude. “You’re being cheap,” one barista vented on www.starbucksgossip.com. “You’re dealing with people who aren’t stupid. Toss in something self-deprecating and quit acting like you’re a superior human being because you’ve managed to figure out a cheaper way to do something. I’ll bet you didn’t ask for a discount on that Louis Vuitton purse or those ugly highlights.”

There are lots of ways to save. In one scenario, using Starbucks pricing in downtown Seattle, customers pay $2.05 before tax for three shots of espresso over ice. The same beverage with milk — also known as an iced latte with extra espresso — would cost $3.50 before tax.

A customer with the handle “Coffee Drinker in Seattle” took offense on the gossip site at some baristas’ reactions. “You’re talking about customer[s] like they’re shoplifters, using prejudicial/racist terminology to classify something so trivial and so off target from the cultural message [Starbucks] wants to imprint,” the post said, referring to drinks that are sometimes called “poor man’s lattes” and sometimes worse.

Tess Jonasson, a Capitol Hill resident who favors a double shot of espresso with no dairy, agrees that baristas should not be upset. “They’re not corporate,” she said. “The half-and-half has nothing to do with their salary.”

Brian Fairbrother, a manager at Espresso Vivace, says it happens mostly with iced coffee. In the big picture, it does not cost Vivace much, but “no one wants to be taken advantage of,” Fairbrother said. “The baristas get offended.”

Kelli Watson, a barista at Mokas Café & Coffee Bar, said she sees it once a day on average and finds it annoying.”I don’t blame anybody for saving a few bucks, but it just seems unfair,” she said. It also ticks off other customers who find dairy canisters empty after someone has drained 8 or more ounces for one drink.

Then there are baristas who tell customers how to game the system. “[W]hen they are already spending hundreds of dollars a month, it doesn’t really hurt us that badly, since they feel more loyalty and will be customers for life that way,” counseled one barista online. Another looked down on it, but asked, “wouldn’t it be great if they would tip the difference?”

911 Call: “Burger King Won’t Make Me My Cheeseburger.”

Burger King - Have It Your WayWhen a Southern California Burger King worker failed to make a … cheeseburger the way she wanted it, a woman called 911 and complained to the police. Here is a transcript of the call:

Dispatcher: Sheriff’s department, how can I help you?
Woman: Yeah, I’m over here … I’m over here at Burger King right here in San Clemente.

Dispatcher: Uh-huh.
Woman: Um, no, not San Clemente; I’m sorry, I live in San Clemente. I’m in Laguna Niguel, I think, that’s where I’m at.

Dispatcher: Uh-huh.
Woman: I’m at a drive-through right now.

Dispatcher: Uh-huh.
Woman: I went … I ordered my food three times. They’re mopping the floor inside, and I understand they’re busy … they’re not even busy, okay, I’ve been the only car here. I asked them four different times to make me a Western Barbeque Burger. Okay, they keep giving me a hamburger with lettuce, tomato, and cheese, onions, and I said, “I’m not leaving.”

Dispatcher: Uh-huh.
Woman: I want a Western Burger because I just got my kids from Tae Kwon Do, they’re hungry, I’m on my way home, and I live in San Clemente.

Dispatcher: Uh-huh.
Woman: Okay. She said, she gave me another hamburger; it’s wrong. I said four times, I said, “I want it to go. Can you go out and park in front?” I said, “No, I want my hamburger right.” So then the … the lady came to the manager. She … well whoever she is, she came up and she said, um, she said, um, “Do you want your money back?” And I said, “No, I want my hamburger. My kids are hungry and I have to jump on that toll freeway.” I said, “I am not leaving this spot,” and I said, “I will call the police,” because I want my Western Burger done right! Now is that so hard?

Dispatcher: Okay, what exactly is it you want us to do for you?
Woman: I … send an officer down here. I … I want them to make me …

Dispatcher: Ma’am, we’re not gonna go down there and enforce your Western Bacon Cheeseburger.
Woman: What am I supposed to do?

Dispatcher: This is … this is between you and the manager. We’re not gonna go and enforce how to make a hamburger; that’s not a criminal issue. There’s … there’s nothing criminal there.
Woman: So I just stand here … so I just sit here and [block]?

Dispatcher: You … you need to calmly and rationally speak to the manager and figure out what to do between you.
Woman: She did come up, and I said, “Can I please have my Western Burger?” She … she said, “I’m not dealing with it,” and she walked away. Because they’re mopping the floor, and it’s also the fact that they don’t want to v. they don’t want to go through there … and … and …

Dispatcher: Ma’am, then I suggest you get your money back and go somewhere else. This is … this is not a criminal issue. We can’t go out there and make them make you a cheeseburger the way you want it.
Woman: Well … that is … that … you’re supposed to be here to protect me.

Dispatcher: Well, what are we protecting you from, a wrong cheeseburger? Woman: No …

Dispatcher: Is this like … is this a harmful cheeseburger or something? I don’t understand what you want us to do.
Woman: Just come down here. I’m not …I’m not leaving.

Dispatcher: No ma’am, I’m not sending the deputies down there over a cheeseburger. You need to go in there and act like an adult and either get your money back or go home.
Woman: She is not acting like an adult herself! I’m sitting here in my car; I just want them to make my kids a … a Western Burger.

Dispatcher: Ma’am, this is what I suggest: I suggest you get your money back from the manager and you go on your way home.
Woman: Okay.

Dispatcher: Okay? Bye-bye.
Woman: No… [click]