Police Arrest Ohio Woman Who Reported Tainted Milk


PERRYSBURG — Perrysburg Police have arrested a woman who reported a case of tainted milk from a local store.  Police Chief Richard Gilts says says Stephanie Wood, 25, of Perrysburg, has been charged with “making false alarms,” which is a felony.

Gilts says Wood bought a half-gallon of chocolate milk at the Kroger store in Perrysburg, and called police saying she found a container of the prescription drug Albuterol in the milk when she poured it in a glass.

Officers arrested Wood after searching her apartment in a building on Mandell Road in Perrysburg. They say the investigation determined that Wood made up the story. Even so, police say they had to treat the scenario as true.

Wood returned the milk to the store.  She did not complain of any sickness.  As a precaution, Kroger pulled all the half-gallon bottles of Kroger brand Grade A chocolate milk with the product code 26-875 off the shelves of the Perrysburg store. An alert was also issued to customers who bought about 60 other containers of the same milk since Friday.

Gilts says Perrysburg Police, the Ohio Bureau of Identification and Investigation, and the FBI all worked on the case. Wood was arraigned Monday afternoon in Perrysburg Municipal Court.